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Thanks for the headsup on the reduced storage. I have two IDs and I have upgraded for both. You can never have too much. I'll be interested to see how this compares to Dropbox, only thing though is that so many apps already have Dropbox integration for data storage (eg I use Chronicle to keep tabs on my bills/budget, especially now its so restricted), so unless they also come to the party with Skydrive, can't see it competing on quite the same level.


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Thanks for posting this. I've logged into my account but I don't see any notice of an update where I can click. That said, I had planned to use a few accounts for storage but with the reduced free storage it would end up being too many accounts so I'll probably go with Amazon or Google instead.


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I also read if you have more than 4Gb stored there, you are auto upgraded to 25Gb for free.

I guess MS is getting ready for the imminent release of the fabled Google drive which is going to have 5Gb free.

I also read if you make a live account right now, instead of a hotmail account, for instance,, the link to upgrade to 25Gb free from now on is there on Skydrive. If you make a new hotmail account, it is not. No telling how long that will last though.

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