Skylum Users - Shutterfly App and Four Free 8 x 10 Prints - Check your e-mails


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I got the e-mail as a Skylum User - for installing the Shutterfly App, I got four free 8 x 10 prints on Art Paper Stock in a promo code. You just pay S&H, which is pretty neat since an average cost for the prints alone is over 75 USD without any frames or frills. Ironically, the Store itself won't load in the app (still won't as of this post), but I went to the website, plugged in the Promo code and it automatically credited me the print cost on checkout. Look over your e-mails; mine was subject line: Enjoy Free Gifts from Shutterfly dated 4/4/19. Offer expires 15-May so don't wait too long.