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Leica SL + 21mm SEM + Beautiful Weather


Feb 6, 2013
I'm keeping "Brunhilde." What the SL allows me to do for landscape photography is just too good to give up.

Here are some shots from Tony Schmitt Regional Park yesterday.

park wetland
by Carl B, on Flickr

canadian pacific 3057
by Carl B, on Flickr

no blues with these blues
by Carl B, on Flickr

blue skies - starring our sun
by Carl B, on Flickr

starting to turn
by Carl B, on Flickr

by Carl B, on Flickr

For the Canadian Pacific train shot, I had immediately fired a shot earlier and too soon. But the SL just let me fire the right shot (above) without delay.
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Mar 11, 2018
I just bought the Sl one week ago, and love my 21mm sem on it.
This was yesterday's rendering with it

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