Leica SL 24-90mm: Big, Heavy, Versatile, and Superb.


Ran across a "couldn't pass-up" deal on a used SL 24-90mm, mbp.com. Delivered to the Fedex-Kinkos, picked it up yesterday.

Yes, it's big and heavy. But it's very manageable on the SL. One lens, auto-focus, 24mm to 90mm. With this and the 21mm f3.4 SEM, this could take care of 99.9% of my landscape and scenic shooting.

Took the camera-lens pair out to shoot, fits well into one of my Lowepro bags. Here are some shots, content not amazing but uncompromising quality of the pixels.


coon rapids dam
by Carl B, on Flickr


sunstar test
by Carl B, on Flickr


goin' fishing
by Carl B, on Flickr


by Carl B, on Flickr


between rains
by Carl B, on Flickr

Looks like it does a good sun-star when pressed, something I was a bit worried about. No problems there.

Even though I forgot I had set ISO to 1600 for the first three shots, you won't notice it until 100% viewing. In the shot with the man and the young boy the shot was underexposed as well (1/12,000 second!), so pretty darned forgiving for high ISO with further push in post.

No worries with the rains that I walked through either - lens and camera are weather resistant.

As much as like the size and simplicity of an M, the SL will give an M10 stiff competition for what I end up keeping.
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It's not as surprising now - I like the SL partly because it reminds me of the Olympus E-1 4/3rds camera. That is an amazingly well-built and thought-through thing with a beautiful sensor. And the 24-90mm is very much along the lines of the Pana-Leica 14-150mm 4/3rds lens.

The SL bigger and heavier, but very familiar and welcoming. Trading the size and weight for dynamic range and pixels, which is worth it.


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I was told by one of the dealer that the IQ of the SL is better than the M10. Have not had the chance to compare the 2 but used the SL for a short amount of time and have to admit, the IQ is quite addicting. Congrats Carl. The collection is really growing.

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