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I thought I might as well try some slide flim before it all disappears, and got some expired Velvia 100 in 120 format quite inexpensively.

I also finally got round to buying a scanner for my MF stuff, but it turns out I can't get a sharp scan out of it. Still for a 2nd hand ebay special I suppose that's no surprise. But I can't afford a V-series Epson :frown:

So I've digitised this roll the way I digitised all my other MF - put it on a lightbox and photographed the frames with my E-P2 and a macro lens :)

Just snaps, but such gorgeous colour, and essentially grainless. Viewed with a loupe on the lightbox they are (content aside) breathtakingly sharp and deadly accurate to life.


20130416-1 by _loupe, on Flickr


20130416-2 by _loupe, on Flickr


20130416-3 by _loupe, on Flickr



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lovely Paul
MF and LF transparencies are almost like a door into another universe
i well recall the first time I saw one
I have considered yourmethod of digitizing using my PEN, MMF-2 and 35mm macro lens glad to see it working so well


Thanks lili.
I use a 90mm which works well to fill the frame.
A camera with an aps-c or bigger sensor or a 4/3 sensor with better noise than the e-p2 would look better in lightroom ... but tbh once they're sized for Flickr and uploaded I can't see they would look any better


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Lightbox must be nice I photo'd from a wall projection in past years

A little while back I took some of the specials to a professional scanner & think it was worth it

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