Slump, Bigtime.


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
I don't know if its the weather (cold) but that never used to bother me... I haven't taken a photograph for nearly two weeks, except those of stuff I want to sell on gumtree, and that's because I feel I have to.. I keep thinking I'd like to go out and do it but then when it comes down to it, I think I won't. I'm having trouble summoning any enthusiasm for it at all, at the moment. Even Tom is safe from me, as are the ducks down at the pond. I'm enjoying looking at others' work, but my own... pfft. Interestingly this has coincided with my rejoining the camera club that gave me the willies a year ago. I do hope there's no real connection bar coincidence.

Someone slap me!


Feb 7, 2012
Roseburg, Oregon
I'm with 'ya there Sue. I haven't taken an image in over two weeks myself..I pick up the X10, it feels great in my hands, I point it out my window, but nothing, I mean nothing seems interesting enough to photograph. :frown:
I'm taking my wife up to San Francisco tomorrow with the X10 in tow to hopefully bring me out of the doldrums..

Hopefully I can get a slap from Luke to snap me out of this...


Super Moderator Emeritus
Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
I have hardly taken anything since Bella took sick - nearly six weeks now - despite a new camera. I'm hooking up with a photo meetup group here in DC next Wednesday hoping to try and kickstart myself again. It happens.


Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2010
i've only felt like taking photos once since I started working on my thesis three weeks ago, but to be honest I don't need the distraction right now. And even if I did have the time, if I'm not in the mood for photography I'll just wait it out, no need to get slapped. It'll come back some day... I think so long as you're not feeling depressed or blue about everything, it's no problem to not feel like doing photography for a while


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Maybe it *is* depression. I haven't been quite right since the midnight run with Tom. Part of me is afraid to leave him in case he bleeds out while i am away from home..
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
John, I have something I'd like to show you. Yeah, over here.


San Francisco has got to be one of the most photogenic cities in the US. I expect a nice series when you return.

Also, to all others. You really needn't fret. I think taking a walk someplace new can help.

And bartjeej, if you change your mind. I'd consider it an honor to give you a good slap. :wink:


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Nov 12, 2010
Sue, the obvious answers would be to either bring Tom along or have someone babysit him, but then I guess you've considered the viability of those options already... in my opinion, Luke's suggestion of a good walk is a good one, especially if you can get someone to watch Tom for a while... walking is a proven way to feel better, we humans are wired that way by evolution.

Luke, the youtube clip in particular makes it look very tempting to get a LukeSlap, I'll definitely consider your offer...


Jul 11, 2010
Ontario, Canada
First, hang in there. Don't be too rough on yourself. If you over think these things they become bigger problems and assume control.

Maybe spend some time looking at photographs you have taken in the past, the ones you love, and enjoy them. Do you print many of your photographs? Consider choosing a bunch and have some big prints made, and / or a photo book. Enjoy your photography from a different angle for a while.

You are having a rough time. It's allowed. Be gentle with you.


Jan 2, 2011
Luke can you please cut out this woolly-liberal touchy-feely approach and just man up a bit
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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Sue, I'm with everyone - except I promise no virtual slaps, though I do see their worth while sides.:wink: I am sure that your worry and concern about your beloved Tom is what is behind this. I would urge you to follow Pelao's advice and be gentle with yourself.

Everyone goes through ups and downs, cool times and hot times with regard to their art... You'll see things will turn around, but you have a well loved pet and best friend who is understandably much more important right now. Perhaps it would be helpful to put the camera club on hold so you won't be tempted to berate yourself for not attending, etc.?

Go check out my thread and I hope it will make you chuckle.

Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
Set the camera in a place of honor, where you see it from time to time, but don't touch it, until the "urge" leads you over to it, without any input from your "guilt". Relax, the photography will come back on it's own. It is who you are.:friends:


Jul 31, 2012
New Jersey, USA
Ah, I wish I had something useful to say. I've gone as along as a month(!) without snapping a photo. Typically, what gets me back into the swing of things is seeing something unusual, and I feel like I just have to capture what I see. The other impetus is my cats; I feel like I can't go too long without taking a pic of them!

I was browsing your Flickr, and your photo "Tom: Want in. Now." is amazing! It's the essential domestic feline shot in so many ways.

Tom: Want in. Now. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Jul 9, 2010
I'm just now starting to take pictures again. One of the reasons I have a smartphone is for the decent camera, but I found myself hardly ever using it. One of my favorite ways of motivating myself to take photos is to look at work from other photographers (especially those with the same camera as mine). It's amazing to see the skill and creativity of others which often leads me to pick up my camera.


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Dec 6, 2011
Sue it is very understandable if you are in a slump with your worry about Tom. Don't be too hard on yourself. What you can do are projects around the house, look online for ideas or things you haven't tried yet that will keep you close to Tom but give you some visual exercise. Even if a sick pet wasn't in the equation I would suggest photographing something different or using a camera you haven't for a while, even use film. For what it's worth I have these spells on and off and all my blogs are currently empty at the moment allowing me to decompress from all that's gone on in my life that has held me back, so that when I return I am not daunted by what used to be but rather look at what is in the now and move forward.

Also, as long as Tom is doing well enough, perhaps a little story of him in photos, Tom doing his favorite or typical things. Something to keep you both together and something you will cherish when that day should come. Don't dwell on your worry but celebrate your time together. I've found over the years I have not taken enough photos of my pets, particularly my cat who always turns her face away, and then I am saddened not to have done more. In nineteen years I might have a handful of photos of my cat [partially because I could not afford a camera back then] and I've had her since one day old. Just some ideas, hope you get out of your funk soon.


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Jul 28, 2012
I've been around 'creatives' all my life - actors, musicians, writers, photographers, painters - the muse abandons everyone at various points, it goes with the turf. It's not something which is missing or has gone away perhaps never to return, it's a necessary break and should be welcomed, in fact, since it's part of the overall process. I've known people who've not worked for an entire year just because they can't find the desire or enthusiasm. No amount of 'pull your bootstraps up' advice is ever going to make any difference to people who simply don't feel the required passion and enthusiasm for the thing they do. Just leave it be and it'll sort itself out without the meddling mind getting in the way and making us feel miserable and lacking, two things which our minds excel at doing to us! :)

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