Sony Small backpack for sony nex gear ?


I'm looking for another bag for my camera gear (i have two small shoulderbags for when i go basic, but I don't like big shoulderbags)
I wonder, would a lowepro slingbag 102 be big enough for a nex 5n with 55-210, 50mm, 30mm and fuji x10 or x100
I'd also like a small seperate compartment for my cellphone or a small bottle of water
(i prefer backpacks over shoulderbags when i have more gear with me)

Or anybody got any other nice suggestions for small backpacks for a nex kit ?

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I just picked up a Lowepro 300 Flipside.. which is probably a bit big for your needs , though none the less a quite svelte bag.
The 102 should fit you fine. I tell ya though.. if you want a lil extra carrying room.... The flipside 200 might be great for you. One feature I love is I dont have to set the bag down to access anything. I simply un shoulder it.. and with the waist belt fastened, it allows me to swing the bag round to my stomach where it hangs.. and because of its design, I can enter the bag from this position. I can change lenses standing in a stream if I needed to! Plus its nice to know that on a crowded subway car... no one can stealthily enter my bag!


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I bought a LowePro Compuday Photo 250 last Autumn and have used it on a number of trips since. I think a really small bag is a false economy because it becomes uncomfortable if you end up over-filling it and I like enough space for a light sweater/rain jacket and hat, Tab and a couple of spare lenses besides my camera itself. the Photo 250 is well made and very light with space for a small laptop if needed and a sensible organiser pocket. A nice touch is a slot in the back so that it can be securely fitted over the handles of rolling luggage. It has a side-opening camera compartment that is a decent size (and adjustable via a strap in the main compartment). I like that it is bright orange inside, and easy to get at by slipping the strap off your right shoulder and pivoting the bag on your left. I don't like that the camera compartment has a gap of a couple of inches under it where it protrudes into the main compartment. It droops if you put in a heavy camera so I end up putting something (usually a few rolls of film in boxes) underneath it in the main compartment - no big thing, to be honest.

I would highly recommend. It certainly looks like a backpack but not overmuch like something containing valuable camera kit.


thanks for the advice

anybody got experience with Tamrac - Model 5786 Evolution 6 ?
My two shoulderbags are from tamron (the same colour pattern) and i really like them a lot.

Would the Tamrac 5786 have the same storage space (or maybe a bit more) then the lowepro 102 ?


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I don't know how much you are looking to spend, but at the cheaper end you have the Courser bags. I have a shoulder bag and I really like it. I even take out the foam insert and use it as a massive handbag. As does my husband. Anyway, they do two backpacks as well which I will probably invest in when I next get paid. Maybe not slick enough for what you want?

courser canvas camera bag | eBay


nea, just looking around at some options
if the quality/looks are good enough, i don't mind paying a bit more


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i would suggest you to go to stores of nike , adidas etc where you will get all type of collections .in it as me using a shoulder bag of reebok as its light weight and it has several sections in it to keep mobiles,camera,books,bottles etc . i really like it