Small camera / tablet backpack?


Hi guys,

I´m looking for a backpack that is not too big that may acomodate some photography equipment, a 7" tablet and some personal items (keys, cellphone, wallet, etc). So far the only one that I really like is the Lowepro fastpack 150 AW (the 100 AW cannot fit the tablet and the 200 AW is a bit bigger than I´d like).

These are the things I´ll probably be taking on the backpack:
- NEX5 (nex-5N soon, I hope)
- 16mm 2.8 pancake
- CCTV 35mm f1.7
- Sigma 70-300mm macro.
- 2 batts
- 1 charger
- About 3 SD cardas
- A 7 inch tablet

It would be nice if I could also fit on it a gorilla pod, my wallet, keys, a small headphone and my cellphone. But like I said I don´t really want a big backpack though.

What other options do I have other than the Lowepro fastpack 150 AW ?


The CompuDay Photo 250 DOES sound like a very good option. Do you think I could fit all the equipment I´ve listed on it though?


I´ve just read a bunch of reviews and most people seem to love this backpack. Now I just have to make up my mind about buying either the Fastpack 150 AW or the CompuDay Photo 250 Backpack :)


For anyone who has the same dilemma, I ended up getting the Kata 3n1-11. It is THE perfect bag for me. It is small enough, it has a lateral compartment for a bunch of NEX batts, another lateral one for a bunch a microphone and some other stuff, a main bottom compartment for the NEX camera with the zoom kit plus more 4 spots for different lenses (I take the 16mm 2.8, the kit lens, the 23mm 1.7). It has an upper compartment where you can place keys, cables, a cellphone, a walled, glasses, papers, etc. An lastly it has a dedicated padded compartment for a tablet up to 10 inches! It also comes with water resistant protective cape.

I took this baby on a trip to Buenos Aires (4 days walking around the city) and I can say it´s an awesome super comfortable bag.