"...Small Cameras, High Quality Images" - so says David Pogue of the NY Times


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I hadn't seen this but a pal told me about the article today, forecasting that I'd soon be buying another camera. Imagine that!?

David Pogue wrote on August 3rd: Tiny Camera Performs Like a Pro

After 20 years, the digital camera makers are finally giving the world what it really wants: spectacular, professional-looking photos — from a tiny camera. There’s only one problem with this new category: nobody knows what to call it.

They’re something like S.L.R.’s (single-lens reflex) cameras, because they have huge sensors and interchangeable lenses. But they’re much smaller, like compact cameras....

He's quite enthusiastic about both The Olympus PEN E-P3 and the SONY NEX-C3, but I'd say he loves the NEX-C3
Sony’s NEX-C3 is a different story ($650 with 3X zoom lens). It’s an updated, improved, even smaller version of Sony’s existing NEX cameras, which the company says are the smallest, lightest, big-sensor I.L.C.’s in the world. This time, this strange-looking nanocam measures only 1.3 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches —without the lens, it’s no bigger than a $200 pocket camera. The lenses are actually taller than the body, making the whole thing look odd. But trust me: you won’t care.

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He certainly loves the NEX.

It's funny because in the past, an article like this would have sent me into a frenzy of gear lust, and I'd scour the internet for reviews, images, and user experiences. I'd stare endlessly at photos of the cameras and imagine them at night (I know, that sounds terrible!).

But now, oddly, I feel nothing like that. I think about the gear that I have and I realize that I've GOT just about everything I want already. Except for the new Ricoh M-module.

I kind of miss the rabid lust for gear! How weird!


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A while ago I'd have been more interested in the test, but frankly not too anxious to use legacy glass on my EP3 - much, much rather get a 12mm f2.:rolleyes: - and use the snap focus on that if and when required.