Fuji Small Town, UK

Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Glyn, I like the composition, and these are the sort of shots that will tell a story in years to come, but the post-processing is making my teeth itch... I think if you toned it down a notch or two your shots would still have impact but would not be so "brittle".


Hall of Famer
Oct 22, 2011
UK, Essex
Peter Tachauer
I am with Bill. I think they have been over sharpened?. I like the subject matter and colours so I would be interested to see them again......especially as they are small town uk!


Jul 14, 2012
Thanks for your useful comments. I'll investigate the toning down of sharpness. Maybe I've been overcompensating for my aged eyes :).

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