Micro 4/3 Smallest m43: Panasonic GM1+12-32 f/3.5-5.6 for 699 Euro


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When I was using the Pentax Q in Philly, I had no trouble stuffing it in my pants pocket as I'm not a skinny jeans type. From the Camera size website comparison, the GM1 with kit lens should fit as well. The XF1 is a nice pocket camera, but this would be a nifty low light compact.


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I saw this review link at m43 forum:

More about the 12-32 lens:
Looking at the actual shots, it’s clear that the new kit lens isn’t that sharp on its own, as a combination of a low diffraction limit and compact design yield fairly soft corners at most apertures. The GM1 combats this by applying some software enhancement to make edges look sharper than they really are. While we generally frown on this sort of thing, the GM1 doesn’t apply a blanket filter and call it a day, but rather applies it selectively.

The result, as you can see in our sharpness crops below, is an improvement in the acutance—the perception of sharpness—without introducing too much ugly haloing that would ultimately detract from overall image quality. Given that we’re talking about a $749.99 kit here, we think Panasonic deserves a pass here, at least for JPEG shooters.



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I'll take SW tricks in exchange for compactness. If some maker could figure out auto-zoned-HDR (e.g. maybe apply HDR only to the highlights), I'd be even more excited!