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One of the things I find especially attractive about RX1 is the capacity to crop in-camera using CIZ and ST, which makes the RX1 something like a Leica Tri-Elmar (now that would be my dream camera -- an RX1 with a Tri-Elmar lens!). I especially appreciate being able to see the cropped frame and the fact that the metering is done according to the cropped frame. Very nice!

I know CIZ and ST means giving up RAW, which is annoying, and I know about the post-crop options. But leaving all that aside for a moment, I have some questions about others experiences with these options.

The CIZ process upscales / uprezes. At what point does the upsampling produce nasty artifacts? I haven't had a chance to print and compare versions.

Are there any good reviews of these options? I've seen lots of reviews mention it, but none really examine it at length. Not even Huff.

I have assigned the ST to the C button. It works smoothly and painlessly. Love it. But what I love less is the big resolution loss, especially at 70mm.

Is there a way to set up CIZ so that it operates like ST -- i.e. it zooms in to a pre-assigned value like 1.3x? Having to manually choose the magnification each time means losing out on key moments.

How large could a ST 70mm shot be printed, if photographed under decent conditions, esp low ISO and high shutter speed (a nicely lit day time shot). That's a roughly 6MP file.

When cropped in to the 50mm and 70mm frames using ST, the focus square disappears. The focusing works for larger objects, but it can get annoying/tricky with a complex scene. Is there some way to make the focus box appear in the crop modes?

Thanks for reading!

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