Apple Snapseed for a Mac computer (not iOS?)


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I like Snapseed, and have really enjoyed also camerabag, on iOS. I like it so much, I'd like to have one-button filters (complete with frames) for polaroid, the "1972" look, etc.

I've got LR. Anyone know of any filters, or stand alone cheapie app, that would achieve this on OSX rather than iOS?

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you should be able to figure it out...
Well, Snapseed is made by Nik software. They also have photo plugins that work with LR, Aperture, and Photoshop on both Mac and Windows platforms. Snapseed is essentially a stripped down version of some of the functionality that can be found in their Silver Efex Pro and Color Efex Pro. Many of the same, or very similar, effects can be created in those programs on Mac or PC.


1. They're MUCH more expensive. Snapssed is a crazy bargain for what you can do with it on the ipad (or iphone, but its easier to see and work with on the ipad). The full plugins are in a whole other league price-wise.

2. They MUCH more powerful than Snapseed. Snapseed basically gives you a handfull of prepackaged filters with a limited number of options in each. By mixing and matching filters and settings, you can do quite a lot with it. And do it pretty quickly and easily. But, believe me, you can do far more with the full Efex programs, with a much finer degree of control. You can fine-tune your images in a way you can't with snapseed.

So, no, nothing all that much like Snapseed is available (that I'm aware of) for the Mac or PC. But its BIG brothers or sisters are available but at a much higher price. Incredibly powerful tools, at a price to match. Not an unreasonable price for what you get, but way more than snapseed on the Ipad or Iphone or Ipod...



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A couple thoughts:

There are lots of free and cheap presets for Lightroom that can achieve many of the effects found in Snapseed. A couple sources are Matt Kloskowski's Lightroom blog and PresetsHeaven | Your source to free Lightroom presets.

While it doesn't qualify as cheap, Nik (the author of Snapseed)and Topaz both have good packages that play nicely with Lightroom. Since acquiring Silver Efex Pro and Color Efex Pro from Nik, I'm finding myself using my LR presets less frequently.

p.s. Ray beat me to it on Nik software and gave you much more detail.

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