So what was your first 2024 image? (Open Thread)

This evening, 1 January 2024, I'm pondering what I'm going to be up to as well as the places I'm possibly and definitely going to be over the next year and thinking that for me and pretty much everyone else here, there's a huge volume of pictures coming up in the next 365 days. But what was the first of 2024? Well the below one is mine. The below first snap happened to be taken today simply because it presented itself, but it might have been this next week or even later. If that has happened already, or if it happens (much) later, feel free to post it here. In no way is this a critique thread nor is our best work expected, just something that, you never know, might be interesting come the end of this year.
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Summicron Collapsible 50mm
Great idea!

I initially considered posting my first "real" image of the year. But then I remembered: I had used yesterday's chosen camera for an additional shot - just some knick-knacks on my desk ... showcasing the close-up abilities of the Olympus 12-45mm f/4 PRO along the way; the purpose of the shot was a different one (checking that all was good and well with settings), but the result is kind of typical - testing, testing, testing ...

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For reference, the ring's pinky-sized ...

A good year to y'all!

My wife and I like to spend NYE in down FT Worth. They have fireworks at midnight and bands during the evening. We stay at hotel where we can watch the f from our room, which in some years can be really advantageous when the weather is bad. In the mornings I walk a block over to get her a Starbucks Mocha. I take this little alley which is quite nice, sort of a hidden gem. This morning was cold and grey but, I had to take a few images.

As a side note, when I reached Starbucks there was a homeless gentleman opening the door and greeting folks as they approached. He saw me take a few pictures before I entered, and on the way out, he asked me if I was a professional photographer. I told him it is just a hobby, something I have done since I was a kid. He said he wanted a new start in 2024 and he had been trying to think of something he could do, so maybe a photographer? We chatted a bit and I explained it was tough to make a living at though it impressed me that he was at least still trying. It sure keeps you humble to speak with folks who have a rough life and still have a good attitude and smile. He seemed to be a nice guy with a good spirit. I should have asked him if I could take his picture, something for me to work on in 2024.

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(The lens used is the Voigtlander 28/2 Ultron)
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Went to Packwood House in Warwickshire (National Trust), weather thankfully at the time somewhat better than the day before when got somewhat wet at nighbouring Baddesley Clinton. First proper test of my new OM-5, along with second outing of the new (to me) Panasonic S 14-28mm on my S5. Enjoyable few hours getting in the way of other visitors :p (and didn't see another "proper" camera the whole time which surprised me). Nothing special for first image of the year.

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Very uninspiring start to the year. Cold and gloomy, but I still wanted to get out in the woods. As I was walking through a sheltered little hollow, I spotted a decaying log sprinkled with snow, and a white mushroom poking up on top. I figured the challenging light conditions would make my job more difficult, and I was right. This is actually the first image I kept today. My first attempt was even worse, and I deleted it.

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Taken with my old Air Pad2, a shot of a piece I made for my wife to hold sand paper so it can hold fabric while tracing patterns on it. The sand paper is supposed to keep the fabric from moving and thus causing inaccurate patterns to be made. I sent this to my brother to show him what I was working on.
So, did ya open it?
Somehow, I've resisted thus far!

The "legacy" elements of the game are designed to reward the same group of people playing the game over and over. As an example, the winner of a game may found a city which provides a bonus in future games only to that player, and the winner of multiple games may start off the next game with different bonuses than the other players, etc. So it will be something we want to gather and play again in the future - the tantalizing "Do Not Open" envelope will remain for us to discover another time!
The Christmas / New Year period has seen some wild weather along the Queensland coastal strip. Lots of rain combined with big winds. Fallen trees and tree branches littered the roads and footpaths. Wandering along the Esplanade between Manly and Wynnum, I noticed that some trees had fallen down over the foot path. So I took some photos. I have better photos from 1 Jan 2024, but this is the first one:

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