So while we're all on lockdown..


Aug 20, 2011
Surrey/Hants border UK
So i was thinking....
While we're all on lockdown we are allowed to go out for exercise which for most of us i imagine will be a walk.
Now i don't necessarily want to take a DSLR with me but i don't object to carrying an old compact.
I imagine most of us have an old compact in a drawer somewhere (maybe even a serious one!)
Maybe start an old compact revival image thread? sound like a plan?...

My LX3 battery has been on charge this morning. hope i see something worth shooting :whistling:


Feb 6, 2015
Central Ohio, USA
Anytime I can get out with a camera on my hip is a godd, nay - GREAT day. regardless of camera. If this is an excuse to pull out some of those older cameras and give them some trigger time...well, how can any self respecting (or non self respecting) photographer disagree??

I just found out that the EP5 I purchased and the lenses should arrive today. Bully for ME! :) Plus, this is my half day for work (I'm working 4 nine hour days and get 1 four hour day), so looking forward to getting that kit all revved up and possibly using it during my 4-5 mile walk.

If it doesn't get here in a decent amount of time, I might just break out the lomo kits I have. I have not used the Yashica Y35 in a bit, plus I have the Holga Digital. I might pit them head to head and do a review of that.

Enjoy the gear you have at your disposal. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you have the capability and means to produce images. No matter what you use, I look forward to seeing what you share!


Aug 20, 2011
Surrey/Hants border UK
i have made another thread for everyone to add images when they join in.



Feb 12, 2014
New Jersey, USA
The Bassman
I don't feel bad taking my OM-D with me on the almost-daily walks. I'm out in suburbia, and yesterday I passed exactly three other pedestrians and four bicyclists over six miles.


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
The most compact camera I have is an OLympus EP-2. I gave it an outing today with the kit lens 3,5-5,6/14-42 (sitting on the shelve till now). I am surprised how soft these pictures look, almost like in the days of film.

View attachment 219026View attachment 219028View attachment 219029View attachment 219030View attachment 219031
Version I of that kit lens had some issues with moving the focus point during exposure. Version ii worked much better. I remember being disappointed with my EP1 until I used it with the Oly 50 f2 macro.


Aug 20, 2011
Surrey/Hants border UK
So much for me taking a compact with me when i go out. Yes i took the LX3 the first day but since then i've taken D3 & D4 both using the old 50mm f1.8D (my least used/liked lens).
I really should take the LX5 as i've never really even used it & i at least need to see if it works lol.
i'm kinda leaning towards taking the D810 out with the 24-70..
So much for not wanting to carry the heft of a DSLR :whistling:

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