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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Martin, can you be a little more specific about what you'd like to see with regard to Serious Compacts and integration? It might be really handy if you'd start a new thread for these ideas/suggestions over on the Help and Feedback forum. Certainly there are tons of folks who use these different sites/modes, and we'd certainly like to know what our members find useful and enjoyable.


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Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
Thanks for the link. I've always had a problem with that 1GB limit on Picasa. This new arrangement looks far better.


Jun 1, 2011
The earlier versions of Picasa were excellent and worked simply and well. However, recent versions have become more confusing and less efficient and finally the latest version would not allow upload to Photobucket, presumably because of a turf war between software companies who all want their own version of Flickr. I had to remove picasa and reload the earlier V2 version. So, integration with other Google progs is bound to be a bad move for ordinary users like me who like things to work well.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
.... I asked my wife about one of them (she sort of knows this woman a bit) and she said, "oh, that's just how she spends her time, on Facebook". Well, ok, but I don't have any desire to see her comings and goings. And then people get sucked into the games and that can get pretty silly. My wife briefly got into one of them but had to bail after a few weeks because she saw what it was doing to her. I've had to start ignoring one of my favorite family members because she's CONSTANTLY sending out status notices on some game she's playing. Bums me out - I'd love to keep in touch with her generally, but I don't want all of that garbage coming over the transom.
FYI, Ray.. you can block the game nonsense without blocking the person. Hover your mouse over a post she makes with the game, and there will be an x to the right. If you click on that it will give you an option to block the post, the person or the game, so you never see anything from that game again. I have something in excess of 100 facebook applications blocked, including some I used to play myself.

I got hooked on Fish Wrangler and I still play that, partly because it doesnt demand your attention 24/7. Its designed to be played while you do other stuff and if you dont play for a month, nothing dies, and it just doesnt matter, unlike Farmville and the like, where you get "punished" in some way for not playing. Yes, I got hooked by Farmville too. It was when I was thinking about my next move when I was at work, that I realised it was time to stop, so I got rid of that, blocked it, removed all the game friends I had acquired. Now, I play quick fix games via mindjolt, if I am of a mood for it. I have friends who play every new game that comes along so I expect my block list to be 200 apps long before this time next year!!

In the meantime, I have less than 40 friends, and some of those are about to go. Most of them I know from other forums or in real life, or have met at some time. A few are friends in the USA who I met in my short time over there, and we like to keep in touch. It works better than email because I still have too many friends who use their ISP email and chop and change providers like others change underwear, thus making all previous email addresses redundant. At least on FB, there they are.

The main issues I have with facebook is Zuckerberg's arrogance in assuming that its OK to blast away at people's privacy and not even care. To Wit, recently facebook enabled by default face recognition sofware. What does this mean? It means that you could end up tagged *anywhere* you have been snapped and posted...its a clear breach of privacy, and they have no intention of changing it to be off by default. Everyone should go into their prvacy settings and customise them particularly in relation to "photos and videos of you"

At this stage, google+ appears to give you much greater control over who gets to see what. I like that.

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