Software help for editing newbie!

Steve Blacow

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Apr 15, 2011
Nottingham, UK
Basics first.

a) what camera/system do you use?
b) what editing do you want to do?
c) on what operating system?
d) where? At home or out and about?
e ) for what end purpose?
Hi Everyone, please accept my apologies for not replying sooner but have been so busy with work and for some reason, only seem to get notifications of "selective" replies. Answers the above questions would be as follows:

A) I use the first generation Fuji X100 (still love using it 6 years down the line) and two early Samsung NX bodies with a selection of lenses.
B) I want to be able to shoot in RAW and have a little more control over the images I produce rather than be "stuck" with flat-looking JPegs.
C) Windows 10 on a fairly high-spec laptop.
D) At home though I do possess an Ipad and do a daily train commute so out & about could be a possibility.
E) Simply to produce stronger/deeper/more impressive images.




Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
For iPad, there are actually quite a few really good editors. I've discovered that Leonardo is excellent, and Adobe Photoshop Fix can do that content aware thing that Photoshop does. Also worth a look are the ACDSee apps.


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Apr 17, 2017
Sheffield UK
Howard Winwood
Would recommend LR if you are serious about editing raw files. Having used virtually every raw developer out there, have found LR more intuitive to use. You can do most things without going to PS.
ALL my editing is done through the developer module, you soon get used to knowing what you need to adjust, adjustments are near instantaneous.
It is a very powerful piece of software, look at a few tutorials to get you going and do not try to run before you can walk.
Make the effort, it WILL pay .

Steve Blacow

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Apr 15, 2011
Nottingham, UK
Hi Everyone & thanks for your advice over the last week or two!

In the end, I decided to go for Serif Affinity Photo and have been having some fun following their own tutorial videos on the Vimeo site.

This software is clearly a serious bit of kit and the learning curve is really quite steep but it is interesting indeed.

On your iPad.. hit the app store for the free Snapseed.
Special thanks also to kyteflyer for pointing me in the direction of the (surprisingly powerful) Snapseed for iPad App.


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