Solar eclipse, 8-21-17


Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
I don't think mine are terrible, but the first pic of when the eclipse first began was the sharpest, and it was hand held. All the others were on a tripod. IS was off. 1/80 and F8 were constant, and either ISO1600 or 500, depending whether I wanted to see the corona.


Oct 5, 2016
Evan Chan
Really nice shots you guys.

I'll post some over the next few days.. my story is that I tried to get too aggressive and shoot both the sun AND the surroundings, thinking foolishly that I had time during totality to change lenses. BAD idea. Should have just relaxed and enjoyed it..... thinking of which, a remote switch or the Wifi app to shoot would have been great. However, perhaps relying on that crappy wifi on my X-T1 during a critical moment would not have been a good idea.

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