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Expired Sold: Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 + extras

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I've got a Canon 50mm f/1.4 in FD mount with µ4/3 adapter for sale. It has some light dust that won't affect pictures, some wear (it is probably close to 40 years old), but it still works like a champ without fungus, haze, or other crud.

Ever since I got the Leica 50mm, I haven't been using this one. I've decided I want the LSM version instead so I can also use the lens on my Leica. So, this one's gotta go so I can buy its cousin.

It also has the following additional accessories: Canon 52mm close-up lens, Kodak 52mm polarizing filter, and Canon 52mm haze filter.

Here's a pic. It includes both lens caps and a hard case (which is fitted enough that it won't close with the adapter on). Obviously, the GF1 and its 20mm lens isn't included.


Possibly the best pic I took with this lens is this one, and most of the rest of the set is taken with the same lens:

View attachment 34139

Price is $90 in the US and Canada; $105 in most other countries. Any form of PayPal is fine.
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