Expired SOLD: Leica X1 with Leica View Finer asking $1700

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Selling my Leica X1 with Leica 18707 X1 View Finder asking $1700 which will include shipping & insurance in the CONUS and payed for with Paypal. I will pay the fees.

This is an excellent camera with fantastic image quality due to its sensor - 12.2 megapixel CMOS sensor in APS-C format. I am selling it because it's too much camera for me.

Will consider shipping it overseas, however the buyer will need to pay for shipping and insurance.

Includes everything that came with the camera - the cables, chargers, battery, manuals, etc., everything (excluding Lightroom software), full warranty, plus an extra Leica battery (new $92), and Giottos glass screen protector. So you'll get the Leica X1 camera, the Leica viewfinder, 2 batteries and a very nice Giottos screen protector.

I'm known for my packing so the camera will be safe. I have the box the Leica came in and the original box it was B&H Photo box that it was shipped in, as well.

This is also listed on MU-43: For Sale: Leica X1 with Leica view finder asking $1700 - Micro Four Thirds User Forum - please check my feedback on sales by clicking on my iTrader feedback score in the upper right hand corner. The camera's in excellent condition and was purchased on July 27, 2010.

Any questions or offers please PM me.

P.S. I will be offline most of Sunday and into Monday due to traveling. But will be back online for sure Monday evening. My good friend Don AKA Streetshooter knows how to reach me though.;)
I'm not sure, Penny. As I posted "across the hall" at MU-43
Here's the story. I love the camera - what is not to love with the amazing image quality? There are plenty of top notch photographers out there who are using this camera who take much better photos than I do. I have put up some of my very first attempts to some from yesterday on my Flickr account. Here's a Leica X1 collection by yours truly. But don't judge this camera by my efforts. I can direct you to many who are much more accomplished.

If I could afford to have as many cameras as I'd like, I'd be keeping this one. If no one buys it I'll be doing just that. I bought this camera because everything I read about it and the RAW files I downloaded from David - soundimageplus's website were amazingly seductive...but here I am thinking I'd like to have a zoom option. Call me crazy, "call me Ishmael" :daz: - but that's the story.

I'll eventually move to posting the camera for sale on eBay but like to stick with people I feel I know first.

Inquiries and offers are welcome via Private Messages here or on my listing across the hall: For Sale: Leica X1 with Leica view finder asking $1700 - Micro Four Thirds User Forum

Thanks for reading!
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