Expired SOLD: Olympus PEN MF-2 OM Adapter $75*

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Listen up all of your OM camera users, this is the adapter for your legacy OM lenses!:cool:

Selling for $159 and change at B&H, Amazon and Adorama, but I'm selling it for $75 including shipping within the USA with payment via Paypal. May consider shipping overseas.

Olympus PEN MF-2 OM Adapter
MF-2 OM Adapter (OM to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter)
Permits the adaption of Olympus OM lenses to be used on a Micro Four Thirds digital camera.
Autofocus(AF) is not available.
Stop-down metering is used.
Although it is possible to use A (aperture priority AE) mode in auto exposure, the aperture display is not available.
In P (Program AE) or S (Shutter speed - priority AE) mode, the shutter releases, but the auto exposure does not work.
The distance scale on the OM system lens may not indicate the actual distance. Always use the viewfinder for focusing.
Item #260051

I'll be honest, I was excited when I first bought my E-P2 (this works on all the PEN cameras) because my OM-1 was my true love...and you know how that is. However, I'm not the same person I once was and really am not a manual focus person, whereas I know many are. It is in pristine condition.

Send me a PM, if you're interested.


Please check my iTrader rating at mu-43.com if you need references.:) It is also for sale there.
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