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Expired Sold: Panny 14-45 & Oly 17mm

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Philly, Pa
Selling my Panny 14-45, the good one & my 17mm. I don't use them and maybe someone here can before they go to eBay.

No boxes but will pack safely. Panny has the hood with it. Caps for both included.
Both lenses almost new as I never use them. Glass is perfect as is the barrels.

Panny 14-45 $215.00 USD
Oly 17mm $175.00 USD
Payment by Paypal Gift or you pay the fees. Shipping in CONUS included.
Contact me here or at 267-784-4042 Cell 24/7


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haha.... if I was into 4/3 stuff I would go with it. But I have converted to Lx3 and yesterday I just bought a new Lx5 (hope it's worth it). I know you're a fan
of the LX cams. Good luck with the sale, think you will have no problem

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