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Jul 24, 2017
I recently went on a short trip to Mexico, to a town I have visited a number of times, and this is the first time I took pictures. I never did before because I hate using a phone to take pictures and I had no camera in the past. Anyhow, I took my Minolta Dynax 5 with a 50mm lens and whole lot of different kinds of film. I had a roll each of Vista 200, Portra 160, TMax 100, Ilford FP4, all slow films :) because this part of Mexico is bright and sunny in spring, and I love slow films.
I also got a roll of Acros 100 back today which I used with a Canon Sureshot p&s camera and shot this locally.

I decided to scan a few negs today, so some random thoughts; I DO NOT like Acros because it curls like crazy, so I won't be missing it when Fuji axes it. Vista is ok, I am not thrilled with it as it too slightly curls. Portra of course I love (my favourite), so no complaints there. TMax 100 was new to me and it is amazing! It scans beautifully and I love the huge range and interesting contrast, same with the FP4, I will definitely use both in the future. I also noticed my compositions can use some variety :). This was a great experience, using different film with the one camera, and since I am still learning, this was a good experiment. I also had some troubles using the Minolta, it wasn't the camera's fault, totally user issues. 50mm worked a charm as most of the streets in this colonial city are narrow, lots of tight spaces, rows and rows of building stuck together in solidarity LOL.

Here is a shot from the Vista 200, it's ok:

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