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I recently picked up an X-E2 with kit zoom when I found a good deal on one. And not having enough dough to buy a proper Fuji prime lens right away decided to buy a couple cheapo c-mount f1.4 lenses to play with until I can save up for something a little further up the food chain.

I grabbed a 25mm and 50mm with an adapter for around $80. I finally had a chance to play around with the 50mm this morning while I put off doing actual work. I may have stopped down slightly on one or two of the shots of Lucy (the brown dog), but I'll pretty much just be using these things wide-open.

Here's what it looks like mounted on the camera
by Luke, on Flickr

I tweaked this one in Color Efex pro to bring back some saturation and contrast lost while shooting straight into the light
contemplating evil
by Luke, on Flickr

here's a heavy crop from an underexposed shot that was heavily tweaked in SIlver Efex
imminent conflict
by Luke, on Flickr

you can get some mildly swirly bokeh with the right distance between your subject and the background......
by Luke, on Flickr

It's not too difficult to focus despite the narrow DOF. I tried to focus on the eyes here, but may have missed just an inch (or less) too far....close enough for me.
by Luke, on Flickr

I like having OOF foreground elements in my photos. Sleepy Lucy looks nice and sharp here.
by Luke, on Flickr

She perked up a bit when she heard a chipmunk right outside the window
by Luke, on Flickr

They'll be special use lenses, but for the price I think they're a good value. And manual focus is just fun sometimes.


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Subject matter and composition is everything. How much (or how little) one spends on glass sometimes is not such a factor.

I love adapted lens shots. It also says a lot about the investment in patience the shooter has with the "science" of this type of manual/old school experience as it meets newer type of technology.
The end result, a person knows way more about how their camera reacts to different situations, as we are not running around on 'full auto'.
Cool shots, I enjoyed them.

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