Some from Zoo World, PCB


Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL
I posted these at our sister site, - Micro Four Thirds User Group - Micro 4/3 Photography News, Discussion, and Rumors. While some visit there and others don't, I thought I'd share here too.

We were down in Panama City Beach two weekends ago and they have "Zoo World" there. I've been to some larger zoos, but this one is pretty small. Its a different experience for me. In most of the larger zoos I've been to the larger animals are kept behind a wall and the patrons can see over the wall but there is no cage. Patrons are usually kept farther away, too. I know some zoos use Plexi-glass too. This zoo uses tradition cages for many of its animals which does seem to give a closer connection to the animals, but photos usually have the cages in them. It was a fun experience.

All OOC jpegs and taken with the E-PL2 and Olympus mFT 40-150mm lens.


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