Some fun at home on a cold... cold... day!


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Neat... how did you get the timing right? Did you just keep dropping eggs and firing the shutter until you got it? :biggrin:

I'm only just beginning to tap into on and off camera flash more extensively and I love the X100S' leaf shutter & high sync speed options, but you don't see too many people (David Hobby aside) really taking advantage of it all that often.


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I love this - saw it over on Flickr first. First thing I thought was how much I wanted to have a drink from that pitcher. Now I'll have to read about it... A beautiful icy cold but refreshing image.


Thanks everyone!
@jloden I prefocused the camera then switched over to MF which resulted in instant capture (vs. focus then snap) and I just dropped the one egg and took two shots.
Maybe good timing maybe also a bit of luck.

The Leaf shutter and its HSS capabilities just open up a world of opportunities!

@BBW thanks again for the compliments! I don't know that you want to drink from that pitcher haha - A drop of vinegar in the water allows the egg to remain whole during the drop. So unless you're a big vinegar fan i'd advise against it :p


I had no idea it was an egg - thought it was a lemon! And vinegar isn't my thing for drinking either. Thanks for letting me know.:friends: Still love the picture.

ha! love it! everyone says it looks like a lemon :)
I guess I perfected my egg poaching ways (which I leveraged for this shot)!


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