Some little things I learned in buying and selling gear...


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I used to just "throw in" cheap stuff to buy and sell listings. I don't do that anymore. Step-up rings, lens caps, back caps, adapters, lens leashes, hand grips, gariz buttons, remote releases, filters, etc.

When I listed things I wanted to move, I'd add some of those to sweeten the deal. What they heck! You can buy another one. I stopped doing that when I realized very few buyers actually value them. Now I have a drawer full of little parts, and I can't count the number of times I've ended up using something! Especially lens caps. For instance, I recently purchased a CV40. I think it has a 43mm thread. I happened to have kept my 58mm filter from an old canon, and had a step-up ring for 46-58mm. I got a 43-46mm step up, and can now use my 46mm screw-in hood from my Panasonic 20/1.7 (since sold) and my after-market 46mm pinch cap, with the 43-46 step-up ring, and then add the 46-58 to attach my new 58mm Moose filter (warming + CPL), so I can use that one fillter across a couple of lenses. Money saved!

I'll still toss in batteries, because unused batteries become dead batteries, and slow SD cards that I can't sell, but the rest of the stuff, I'm keeping!

Anyone else have some tips you've learned in selling gear? Not just "don't sell to the guy with no feedback" but maybe something more unusual?


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Yes, I sell often when prices have not gone down too much... Lenses on the other hand if they are a quality lenses retain their value much longer. I often received inquiries to bring down the prices of my selled gear with people arguing that they could get them cheaper via on line resellers and I politely turn them to the on line reseller.

I have a good relationship with 3 local shops and they offer me prices that are not as good as online retailers but the service I get from them is valuable to me and I accept paying the extra. There are other people like me who still like knowing that the second hand gear they are purchasing comes from local shops and they also accept that the price is a little higher than the price I would have asked for if I got it from an online retailer.

One needs patience to sell gear. Of course I loose money but it is part of the game, every thing devaluates and exception to that are those who acquired leica lenses before the big price increase, but I'm not in leica gear so because of the limitations and lack of versatility.

With the recent increase of overall quality of gear I hope that I will sell less often but then I purchase because I have a particular idea and target that changes over time. I have not yet found the overally versatile gear and it probably does not exist, what the heck!

Recently I'm enlarging the gap between compact cameras and DSLRs because on one hand compact systems have improved substantially and so have dslrs with price decrease. Phone cams have improved more than I thought also.


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what's the DxO rating of the cloth?

I'm glad you asked that question.

The microfiber cloth will increase your digital camera's DxO rating* by up to 950%

*In a test scenario where you were to apply a thick coat of shoe polish to the front element of your lens, run a full DxO test, then clean the polish off with this wonderful microfiber cloth, and then test again. Your results may vary significantly.

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