Some more with my A77


Canton Texas
Just updated the firmware on my SLT-A77 to 1.04 a couple of days ago. It gets a couple of other Sony lenses added to correct for CA, PF and distortion.

Also speeds the controls up slightly. I would say on the order of maybe 10% improvement there. I think people are concerned that the camera takes too long to shut down, but I read it's just cleaning the sensor and I really am not concerned about a five second shutdown. More concerned with how long it takes to start up, which is about two seconds.

Also it is supposed to improve the IQ of images and I would say it has on the order of maybe 20%, but still needs some high ISO help. The jpegs are so far hard to match when shooting RAW for even experts so I only shoot jpeg. Also with a 18Mb jpeg, there is a heck of a lot of info to edit so it's just easier to start out with the jpeg IMHO.

These are just some random shots, but you can click the lower right hand corner and go full screen. I also micro-adjusted the Tamron 18-250 a few days ago. It had to be set on +7. It was front focusing quite a bit according to the chart I downloaded from this Nikon site.

That 24Mp sensor sure gives you a lot of room to crop too.

Nikon D70 Focus Chart

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