Some pictures from New Mexico balloon Festival

A mix of shots from Fuji x100 and Sony rx100. We arrived before dawn and stayed until after lunch.. The location is at the horse racing track in Albuquerque. People are allowed to walk onto the field where the balloonist are setting up for their launch.




May 7, 2011
Very nice images. I like always colorful balloon photos against the sky. Maybe one day I will find one festival close by to visit. Thanks.
Very well exposed, and very colourful. Did you have to set your cameras on manual to nail the exposure?
The rx100 was set to program mode during most of this time. There were instances that I did switch it to aperture priority. The x100 was on mainly aperture or shutter priority. All the shots were hand held. A lot about which camera to use and when was dictated on the situation. For example if I was mainly using the x100, I left the rx100 in program mode so that if I needed it for its zoom range and needed to grab a picture quick, I would not have to worry about anything. If I had the time, I would switch to aperture priority. The fireworks shot in this set happened to be on rx100 special fireworks mode, but in general for the rest of the fireworks shots, I used full manual mode.

Hope that answers your question.

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