Fuji Some quick thoughts on the X-T3

I won't do a big write up. Andrew has already written a really good review on the X-T3. And if my memory of that serves me correctly, I agree with his findings.

The T3 is a very solid feeling camera. With the button presses, etc. feeling like Fuji finally settled into a good groove for camera design. The AF performance with the firmware 3.something which was on the camera. Was already better than the X-Pro2/X-E3, and even the X-T2/with battery grip in performance boost mode. For those who don't know, the T2 gets it's best performance in AF and EVF with the grip and 3 batteries. After installing Firmware 4.0, The X-T3 leaves everything in the Fuji lineup pretty far behind. Of course, with the exception of the X-T4 and X-Pro3. The EVF and rear LCD are both amazing. One other thing of note. Which is one of those small changes, which is a majorly welcome change for me. The locking diopter adjustment wheel is one of my favorite upgrades. One last thing worth mentioning. For Capture One users, Classic Negative is available for raw files. Despite CN not being available in the T3 itself.

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