Smartphone Some random "blur"...

Marco F.

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Just for fun: Some random "blur"...
Stuff, I´d like as part of a music album back cover artwork - or the like.
And to check how to upload fotos, here..
I don´t think, I really "get it", yet :-D
In photography this is called ICM - intentional camera movement - and if you want there is the following thread for such images: ICM

And...welcome to this forum, why not introduce yourself through this thread:
Hello, thank you very much, I might try this. Now first it´s timefor me to get "warm" to this big site and to discover this and that. Then, maybe, in a while, I might consider introducing myself.
But in the first place i am here to be able to see the pictures af a good friend, who really is "into" fotography, anyways. :)
"This picture isn´t blurred!..."
"Yes, it is!"
No, it isn´t!"
"Sure it is!"
"Nope. It isn´t!"
"It is!"
"Yes, it is!"
No, it isn´t!"
"It is..!"
"All you need is love!"
---------------------- get the idea. ;)