Some work with my friend Dale Miller

My friend Dale is an actor, stuntman, and stunt coordinator. We did these while working on his headshot shoot.





Melbourne, Australia
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Phoenix Gonzales
All of the shots work for me on differing levels, It’s a nice character study.

I see shots 1 and 2 as more relaxed and collected in reflection. I’ve seen these style of character study shots used in weekend mags about something relaxed and leisurely. These reminds me of the lifestyle section of the weekend papers regarding visiting a winery, or a restaurant (insert photo of the chef / owner).

I see shots 3 and 4 getting used with a story / report that has more serious and austere undertones.


Warrington, UK
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David Lazzarich
Love that last B&W pic. It's really intense. He's clearly a very physical guy who has to be focused at what he does. If I was looking for a stuntman; that one would clinch it! Great pics, all of them. Very nicely done Sir!

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