Nikon Sonnar designs for DSLR flange distances?

The Nikkor-P 10.5cm F2.5, later 105mm F2.5 is the shortest focal length Sonnar formula lens that Nikon brought out in F-Mount.
This lens is slightly modified from the Rangefinder version.

To add- prices on clean Nikkor-PC 10.5cm F2.5 in Leica Mount are way down, I picked up a second one in super-clean condition for under $200. In F-Mount, between $100~$150 in the same condition. In F-Mount, Nikon switched to a Planar design ~1970, so you want an earlier one.

Just a quick Ebay search-
for the photos of the lens.

The Nikkor 135/3.5 is a Sonnar formula lens. Most 135/3.5's from various companies are Sonnar formula lenses.

The 135/2 and 180/2.8 are closer to an "Ernostar", which is the predecessor to the Sonnar. They are going to give a very similar look.
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