Sony Sony A7 with Leitz (Leica !) R series lens ?

As i have a few R lens in great condition.... i was thinking of how well they would work on a A7 using the focus aid .I normally need reading glasses etc and find range finders "slow" . having seen the videos of the A7 using this "red" focus assist system, it could be my dream come true ? !

"if its red where i want it.." shoot .

Anyone else using R lens on a A7?? and what is the best adaptor ?


I have two R's (50/2.0 and 28/2.8) although I have to admit I've yet to use either since the native duo are so good, smaller, lighter and I prefer 35 to 28. I have an adapter though, so I will be testing them out eventually.

Manual focus on the A7 is quite lovely though. Use my voigtlander 35/1.2 a fair bit.
Cheers !

just thinking of saving the 3 r lens i have and buying a A7. The glass has soooooo little value today compared to years ago.It would be a shame to sell them .


Not for Full frame cameras. The a7 in particular is a bargain in that respect if you're not terribly interested in tracking/action photography.
for me its the UNIQUE manual focus aid ....using manual lens is so easy . I have been too Canon and nikon for some time, and would much rather gat a good A7 for £700 S/H than a D3 etc . I never ever expected to be converted to Sony !

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