Leica Sony A7R In Stock with Limited Quantity at B&H


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I have one of these shipping out today for review with Novoflex adapter to use with M mount lenses. Anyone else planning to buy this or A7?

Direct link: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...rorless_digital_camera.html/BI/1848/KBID/2491

I considered it, looked at it online, the Fuji X-Pro, and the Nikon Df. Most of my lenses are either in Leica Mount or F-Mount. A good number in Retina Deckel mount. I can use those with an F-Mount adapter. With the EP2 and EVF-2, you need to stop the lens down to shooting aperture. The finder can get "noisy" at F5.6~F8, and it is hard for me to nail the focus when stopped down. The XPRO-1, eliminated as it needs to be replaced with a model that has the on-chip phase detection AF, like the lower-priced models. The Nikon Df- focus was fast and easy with the Vivitar 135/2.3, that did it for me.

The Sony- I would go for the A7, everything that I've read indicates that it is quieter, and 24MPixels is plenty. I will be interested to read about the A7r experience. The Df- high-ISO is amazing. The M Monochrom is amazing, as the High-ISO performance is native to the sensor. But the Df is amazing.


I am tempted with the A7R

But every time I adapt my M lenses to another camera, I end up returning to the M9. In part is shooting with a rangefinder and the other is what Brian already mentioned... manually opening and stopping down the aperture for an accurate focus. I'm more likely to go with the A7 with the 28-70 FE lens and use it occasionally with M lenses.. as many articles indicate that its the better all arounder minus the higher quality sensor.

On the other hand, I've been really sold by the Monochrom. Its just a bit out of my price range and out of budget for the year. Perhaps after tax refund.. wish wish.


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Got rid of my M 240 for now and instead, got a Sony A7. Would have love to have an optical viewfinder but the EVF is actually pretty good. Still need to practice a bit to get the focus just right with focus peaking. The magnifying function works great. I tried some of my lenses so far and have been pretty happy with the result from my 50 lux ASPH and 85mm Sonnar ZM. Not too please with the result from my 35 lux ASPH (non-fle). Will try the Tri-Elmar WATE later when I get the right adapter that will not cause vignette.

I like the size of the body and the weight. Need to get use to the ergonomics. Pretty solid little camera. A little disappointed with the battery life however. Wished they put a bigger battery. The A7 shutter is not as bad as I thought. I think it is not that much louder than the M9.


I played with an A7 on 2 separate occasions at the Houston Galleria Sony store. I could not warm up to the feel and handling of it. I played with an OMD-EM1 and it really felt good. I am planning on buying one with 12-40 f/2.8 pro and the 60 f/2.8 macro + ring flash, etc. to use at work replacing my old 1DsMk2. It will be a great walk-about camera in any weather.


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Vince- why did you get rid of the M240?

Brian, I had some issue with the one I have where I was getting a horizontal banding that goes from top to bottom when I was on live view. Didn't think much of it until I start shooting video and it was on the video. (that was my 2nd M240). The first one had a defective sensor that Leica ended replacing. So I decided to try out other things first and let Leica sort out some of its teething problem. Or, I could just be unlucky.

BTW, I am starting to really warm up to the A7. Shoot my kids with the Nikon 105mm DC and it looks really good. The only lens I have issue with so far is my Tri-Elmar WATE. For some reason, the adapter I am using is causing vignette. BTW, there is also a little vignette with the 105 DC. I used 2 adapter already, a cheap one and the Voigtlander VM-E. Same issue. Wonder if Amin was able to have better luck with the Novoflex.
Sorry to hear that about the M240- this is a newly designed sensor, different architecture than most standard CMOS. The company is new, the engineers with it go back a long time with full-frame CMOS. I bought my M8 very late in the production run, and the High ISO is much better than most others. the M9- also bought midway into the production cycle. The Monochrom- figured the sensor was stable as it is basically the same as the M9. Same with the Df- figured the CMOS sensor was the same as the D4.


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for me, it was definitely the best digital M I have used. I have used the M8, 8.2, 9, 9P and really thought all of those are good but when I started using the 240, I really like the solid feel of that shutter, I like the view finder better than the previous digital M, being able to use the EVF opens up so much more possibilities including the ability to use other lenses. So over all, it was a great experience except for the few issues which I think should get better in the near future. So for now, still use the Leica glass but and wait for the body to get better. In the meantime, the A7 is doing a great job except for the super wides like the WATE


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It was my own stupid mistake that cause the vignette issue with the WATE. All is well with the WATE and A7. Really like this body so far. Software and menu can be overwhelming but image quality is very good. Really reminds me of the M9. I miss the optical vf of the Leica but this EVF is very good. The battery life is not that great however. I might just hold on to this until the next M is out. At $1700, it will probably be equal to the depreciation amount of an M 240 in a year.

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