Sony Sony A7S - high ISO up to 409,600 and 4K 4:2:2 video


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I have just totally lost interest in the A7 and A7R. The A7S is now on the list of future cameras.


Sony have gone against the megapixel race and used a 12mp sensor, and sensor readout it so fast that it is capable of reading the entire sensor for video without line skipping or pixel binning. Attach an external 4K recorder and you will get full 4K 4:2:2 video. Check this out, the video quality is astonishing:


Very, very exciting!!!


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This camera interests me like crazy, despite having both m43 and Canon systems for video. In theory, I could use my Canon glass on an adapter, although I'm unsure how well this would work. But if this is possible, it would save me from buying into yet another lens mount system and use my lovely Canon glass, to boot.

Even the in-camera 1080p footage looks darn good, better than anything my 5D Mark II creates. This camera's high ISO capabilities in video, with excellent dynamic range and colour accuracy retention, look amazing. And for still photography, 12mp was enough for the D700 and I know pros who still use it by choice. While it doesn't offer 4K recording in camera, it should still be good enough for excellent run and gun work in low light situations.

Sure, the Canon C300 already has excellent high ISO capabilities and lovely 1080p, but it's $15,000 in Australia, compared with what is estimated to be under $2000 for the A7S. I'd probably only use the 4K recorder for landscape and nature work that requires loads of detail and dynamic range, anyway.

Would it oust my m43 gear? Probably not. I've got all the m43 lenses I need for video work, including the Panasonic zooms and Voigtlander f0.95 lenses, and I'm very happy with their size and weight, or lack thereof. But the full frame look, plus the amazing high ISO performance, really piques my interest. The main drawback I see for the Sony system is the need for much larger lenses, but you could, in theory, get away with two or three Canon zooms for landscape and nature shooting.

Just rambling a bit...

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