Sony Sony A7s II - anyone tried the Voigtlander and Leica lenses?

Hi everyone, I have the Metabones adapter which I used on my A7 for the Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 (MC) and Nokton 50mm f/1.1. However, it didn't really work that well. There was significant vignetting with the 35mm which made it impossible to use. There was some vignetting with the 50mm but I could just get away with it with a bit of post.

I'm thinking of jumping on an A7s II - I was wondering if Sony has improved engineering/sensor with regards to the vignetting? Has anyone tried the Noctilux, Zeiss and Voigtlander lenses on the A7s II?


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I don't have A7s/ A7s II, but I think the vignetting comes from the lenses and needs to be corrected digitally. Usually CV 35mm 1.4 is one of the better behaved lenses on Sony. I used A7R, A7 II and A7r II. The higher resolution causes usually color shifts in the corners with the wide rf lenses eg CV 12mm and A7R II solved the color shift with the back illuminated sensor. I have not compared the vignetting but that needs to be digitally corrected on the camera or computer. Leica does that with their lens coding also.

Usually rf lenses behave better over 50mm with Sony but you have to search by lens to make sure. One issue is older lenses were not very good with the higher MP cameras, eg needs to be stopped down. CV 35mm is a newer lens but still designed like an old lens. I found newer 35mm 1.7 m-mount behaves better, but still has vignetting as the lens is designed with that. 35mm 1.2 is better if you don't mind the size of the lens. Similarly Zeiss 50mm 1.5 is an old classic design and planar has better sharpness on M9/A7R II. But then you can get Loxia 50mm f2 planar used for the same price as planar m-mount and the Loxia comes with all the digital auto corrections with Sony.

Usually the corner sharpness of rangefinder lenses suffer on Sony due the thicker cover glass that Sony uses on their sensors vs film. One solution is replacing the topping, but that causes also color shifts and makes easier to dirt on the sensor to show up eg closer to the sensor. Usually A7s behaves better with its lower resolution so I see people are doing the replacement with the higher MP A7R/A7R II. In US this company does replacement:
Sony A7 Series Thin Filter Legacy Lens Upgrade - Kolari Vision

Also there is an af lens adapter for m lenses where you can program the lens, so the Sony correction app corrects the lens while you take the photo:
TECHART PRO | Leica M to Sony E Autofocus Adapter

I have the adapter. It works great eg similar to Contax g af adapter the same company manufactures. But I have not used any lens correction with them. Initially the lens correction was creating a ring in the photo and I think the new firmware update corrected it. I still need to update the adapter firmware. So I don't have any experience on that side.
Hi serhan, thanks.

I do recall speaking with a couple of people a while ago who said that they didn't have any major vignetting issues with their Voigtlander lenses, so it was perplexing that I was getting quite significant vignetting on my lenses. I've also heard that the vignetting issue has improved somewhat in the second generation A7 (including s & r) models.

I'm not really wanting AF at all on my lenses, particularly my M mount lenses. I'll have a look at your Techart in more detail to see whether it'll work for me.

I had my heart set on the Leica SL which can act as a backup camera while I use it mainly for video (been seeing some really amazing SL footage on youtube), and I figured that surely, surely, there will be no vignetting issues with M mount lenses on the SL. However, the SL doesn't have IS which is really handy with video. So that means my only option is still the A7s II. And if that's the case, there's still the concern about vignetting. I was hoping to be able to use all my current lenses without having to purchase a new set.
serhan, I had a look at the Kolari webpage, it explains a lot. I suppose the Metabones adapter just wasn't enough. I wonder why some people weren't getting the serious vignetting I was seeing though. Anyway, it doesn't look like they have officially announced that it works with the A7s II yet so I'll wait for an announcement.... unless ... Sony has taken steps in Mk II to correct the issue and it doesn't need a specific adapter.


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You can check the photozone reviews for Leica M lenses to see the heavy vignetting corrections:
All Tests / Reviews

Kolari sensor topping replacement is for the sharpness. I don't know if/how much it changes the vignetting. Maybe back illuminated sensor helps some eg it cured the color shifts on the corners. Adobe has lots of rf lens coorections in photoshop/lightroom to correct the vignetting, etc.

A7s II is the last A7 camera that is released. Next one is most probably A7 III and there was some other rumors of some pro camera/dslr replacement. Lately Sony is very tight on rumors, eg SAR knows only hrs before the press conference. Supposedly there will be a Sony announcement this week. Also, all the new camera releases that uses Sony sensors are delayed with the earthquake in Japan.
That is true, the A7 II was the first released and the A7s II the last. I think I should be able to get some mileage out of it. It was quite annoying when I bought the original A7 only to find out that my Voigtlander lenses didn't work too well on it, and then to find out that the A7 II was released not long after which apparently fixed, or partially fixed the issues.

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