Leica Sony A9 .... WOW!


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Something tells that someone's butt is going to get kicked all over the place with specs like that....and it's not Leica as much as it.....CANIKON.
I agree that the 20FPS is more likely to cut into high-end DSLR sales, not Leica territory. Even in F2+MD2 days, I kept the motor drive on single-shot.

As with any new sensor: keep an eye for Banding Noise at high-ISO and Continuous mode.

Nikon needs to get its act together. I've shot with Nikon for 40 years- the D7500 is a true disappointment in that it dropped Ai coupling. The 58/1.4 SHOULD HAVE BEEN a 58/1.2, especially at the price they want for it. I spent more for the Nikkor 5cm F1.5- but did not even consider the modern 58/1.4.


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As long as the AF tracking is good, it should be a pro level sports/action camera. I did see that AI feeler left off the 7500 although as a camera it's probably very good. However, given their announcements, corner cutting is inevitable and I'm not sure throwing out the backwards compatibility a great idea at this time, especially since there is no compelling innovation driving sales.


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I'm sure that Canon/Nikon top end cameras will be affected by the A9. However, if the IQ is excellent, I have to wonder how that would affect the already slow selling SL. For me, I really like the SL's EVF and the joystick. The User Interface is very typical Leica with its simplicity. IQ for me is superb. With a high priced mirrorless, they should have included an IBIS system. I also hated the shape of the handle and the bulk of the SL.

With the new A9, IBIS is there, very good EVF supposedly, joystick, possibly IQ. UI will probably be typical Sony, which is complicated but I can probably deal with that. The no blackout EVF will also be a welcome addition.


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Since cameras are now basically computers and linked electronics modules.....Sony definitely has an edge.

I was surprised to find out Leica has custom CMOS from Belgium.....that has to increase cost, but it makes sense if you are selling a boutique item and everything tweaked to max. Sony makes just about everyone's sensors and for their own cameras they can do what they will. I never have had anything but Nikon VR. 5 axis IBIS would be very welcome.


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....they can eventually catch up with a worthy lens lineup, but what about weather resistance and (rough) handling resilience?
Sony better come up with a reliable and consistent customer support and repair service.
Good to see they are challenging others in innovation and performance - just wish they were less cost challenging

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