Sony DSC RX100 - Yes!

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This camera looks amazing! I'm talking DSLR quality amazing!! Those image examples at poguenyt's photo site look superb as do the ones on DP. They do lack good DOF (Still very good though!) but considering it's size etc etc it does a great job. Panasonic and Olympus will be bringing out their 1" sensor cameras soon so it will be very interesting to see how they will stack up to the Sony. Although I really like my little DSLR (D3100) it is still bulky and a bit of a pain with the different lenses. If the IQ of the Panasonic LX6 (or whatever it will be called) is good enough then I will get one of those as I can get one free from work as I would have to pay for the Oly or Sony. I do get fed up with not having the right lens with the DSLR so having a really high quality compact will make the jump worth while! I hope!


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This review came up on DPReview, and it contains many full size jpeg images that I think come straight from the camera. Unfortunately this website has taken a leaf out of Sean Reid's book and published their review directly in jpeg format, so Google cannot translate it, but the photos tell a lot.


The colours and detail are quite remarkable for such a small camera, although many of them seem to have smearing of fine detail at the pixel level. This will probably be better once good raw conversion becomes available, although the Fuji X10 experience shows that sometimes a camera's jpeg processing can be so good that not that much more can be extracted from the raws except for more dynamic range in black and white, as well as changing white balance.


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If the fuzziness at 100% doesn't clear up using a raw processor, then there's absolutely no point in having 20mp... but we'll see soon enough I think.


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This is an interesting camera but my gut tells me I'll be happier if I wait for this sensor to turn up in cameras like replacements for the Panasonic LX5 and Olympus XZ1. As I wrote in another post, I feel sorry for Fuji right now. They are finally straightening out issues with the X10 - just in time for competition like this to show up.


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If you set the cameras resolution to something less than 20MP, say 12MP, are you in fact then using a 12MP sensor? Would this make any difference to the quality of the pics?

I think if you decrease the resolution, the pixels will simply combine from the original 20 MP to make it 12. Not sure what the effect will be for that. Hopefully it will get less noisy. I just don't understand why Sony insists on making it a 20 MP camera.

Anyway, have you guys checked out the review at Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Review with Sample Images and Video
very impressive samples, I must say

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