Sony is reorganizing it's menus in the A7Siii


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Knowing Sony's prior strategy, I don't think so.

Now that the camera is "out" it appears that Sony is forced to put nicer components (hi-rez viewfinder) in the camera. 9 megapixel EVF in a video camera is a total overkill (or is it -- videographers do tend to need the best MF experience) but now people know that thing is probably coming in new Sony cameras.
They probably will incorporate the new menu system in all new models from now on, not only in the A7 line-up but also in the APS-C cameras, RX100 and RX10. Technically it's probably not too difficult to upgrade current and older models too, but I agree with @mike3996 that there's a 99+ % chance they won't do that. It'll be interesting to see what Sony will do with the display in future models: which ones will get a fully display vs. a tilt-only display.

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