Sony Sony NEX 16mm f/2.8 Image Thread


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Looking forward to seeing what our members do with this lens. Please share some samples with us in this thread!
I took the NEX 16/2.8 out for the afternoon. A few images:


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All uncropped, NEX5, ISO 200 ~f/5-6
Very cool, light green umbrellas - this photograph has a real feeling of lightness to it, as in lightness of being. This is a lens gives a lovely wide field of view! I also noticed the deep blue reflected in the background building's upper right while we get the benefit of the clouds reflected by those on the left.

I'm assuming that's an in camera black and white for your second and finally - the best for last, in my view, that wonderfully happy and spontaneous stop action fountain celebration!

I'll be very interested to hear more about what your feelings are with regard to this setup. Thanks for whetting my appetite!
Thanks, BB. I had a lot of fun shooting with the NEX5 and 16/2.8. They felt very good in the hand, and I like the flip out LCD on the Sony better than the fully articulated LCD on my GH1. It's so handy to be able to flip it out and shoot looking down when I want a low perspective. That said, the fully articulated LCD on the GH1 has been very handy for video. AF was plenty fast and accurate, and I had no complaints about the operation. I wish it were easier to change ISO - they really need a dedicated button for that. Maybe there is a way to assign a button? Didn't matter today though, as there was more than enough light.

These three were processed from RAW in Raw Developer. I almost never shoot JPEG.
These look very light! I'm really interested in hearing about your findings with this camera. I'm just wondering whether it's possible to use non-Sony lenses on this cam as others have been saying that these lenses are not great?
I deliberately brightened these during processing to try and match how bright it was outside, but I think I went too far! It is possible to use non-Sony lenses with an adapter, but my preliminary impression is that the Sony lenses are better than some people are saying. The 16mm lens corners never get completely sharp, and it has some pincushion distortion, so it's disappointing performance for a prime, but I can understand Sony's decision. If you want a bigger sensor, small size, and low price (all good things), some sacrifice is needed, and I bet that as sensors get better at handling light coming in at a sharp angle, we'll see better performance from these same lenses.

Herman, the Sony has better high ISO performance and dynamic range than MFT. Image quality is a tough one to answer, because those are components of DR, but so is lens performance, and I'm not sure about that yet. Handling is personal. I prefer the controls on my GH1, and I like to shoot with an EVF, but the NEX5 is easier to hold.
Any pictures in lower lighting conditions?

Since NEX has a larger sensor and better performance at high ISO than Micro Four Thirds, which would be better for very low light video maintaining more details and low noise (shutter about 1/30 minimum), NEX+16mm f/2.8 or MFT+20mm f/1.7?
cocomonk22, I'm sorry that you didn't get any replies here, yet but feel sure they're coming. We've got a new member today that may be able to help you out with your questions.
Just a couple of candids. These are in relatively low light- the 2nd photo was shot at ISO 1250, with significant fill light afterwards since the face was in the shadows.

Just getting used to the camera, I'm finding shutter priority useful with the 16mm, since it will generally choose 1/30 sec otherwise in low light (not fast enough to freeze movement in the first photo, although at smaller size looks fine.)


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They are two wonderful keepers! From that very touching moment to that fantastic face your daughter offered to you!:D

Wonderful color, Madmax! You must be very pleased!

P.S. I'm assuming these are your family members. And if so, these are even more meaningful and will be fantastic to have to look back on.
Aha, so Lisa - first of all welcome back and second of all - Wow!! I think I'd forgotten you had the NEX. Don't to derail this image thread too much but there are quite a few NEX devotees here now.;)
Thanks folks, I almost forgot I had the camera. I don't use it much, I'm not sure I'm too crazy about the camera controls and don't have a shade for the 16mm (my only lens). I am thinking of getting an adapter for my Contax G lenses to see how I like that. The camera itself has good IQ but the 16mm is prone to flare.
I just picked one up today. The Nex 5 and the 18-55 and the 16 will be here on Tuesday.
The setup for streetwork seems very intuitive to me. Ray helped me along and he was right, it sets up nice. Where do you seem to have a problem? I don't see having to go into the menue to often.

Do you have the updated firmware - version 3? It makes a huge difference. I played with the camera in the store with the earlier firmware. Then check it out again with the new firmware and I like it a lot. Everything I need is very quickly accessible... I had to go into the menu to get it customized but almost never in the course of a shooting session unless I want to change the brightness of the screen. Other than that I generally only dive into the menu to format the card after downloading...