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Hi there,

I registered myself to ask this particular question: would you recommend shooting concerts with the Sony Nex 3? Now the new firmware enabled AF with A mount lenses, there are more possibilities. Still, the AF is not that quick and I am afraid it will be too slow to capture action on stage in -most of the time- low light situations. Any of you experiences with this?


I feel sure that the NEX 3 would be an excellent tool for on stage drama and fully intend to use it for that. So far I've only been using NEX for about 5 weeks but have no doubts now about it's excellent image quakity and ease/reliability of use. Concerts are not a million miles away from drama so I have no reservations in suggesting that you ould do far worse in choosing a 'concert camera'.

Personally, I have never used auto-focus on stage and don't have any plans to do so. Part of my interest in the NEX cameras was inspired by using a small digicam on stage while producing video. The illuminated screen can be a big help in the darkness of the orchestra pit or the wings of the stage. I dislike the use of Auto-focus for this work because it insists one thinks of focus in terms of a 'focus point' and in stage photography a zonal approach is more favourable. I donb't think tyou need to fear slowness on the part of the NEX in either handling or sensitivity,...the camera performs very well and intuitively once you switch off all teh gimmicks and unneccesary complexities. In practice you can forget the camera and put your mind into the on stage action. Here is a typical shot that i'm looking forward too with the NEX, although this was made with a small digicam....

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I have shot a couple of shows with the NEX 3 and it does a really nice job. I've only used fast MF lenses - don't think there is anything good enough on the AF side yet.

Here is a gallery from the last show - Beirut at the new Austin City Limits Live Moody Theater. These were all shot with the NEX 3 and a 35mm 1.7 c-mount lens. Amin should be posting a review I wrote about this combination very soon.

An Enchanting Evening With Beirut [Review and Photos] - Austinist



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Thank you for your replies!

The thing is, I never worked with MF before and I am not sure if I will be quick enough while the artists are moving on stage.

But if I do consider using MF during the shows, what lenses do you recommend?

I took mine to an outdoor concert/pageant and it did remarkably well for being over 100 yards away and in the dark. Not all of them turned out clear as again it was far away, the ISO was turned up high and I was not allowed to use a tripod.

photos NEX-3: The Pageant

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Also be prepared and read ahead of time as if photography and flash usage is permitted at various events and plays. Some are extremely picky, while others don't care. As well be considerate of those around you that came to see the performance, not you playing with your camera. Unfortunately the NEX is quite loud, so take care when you shoot as well so that you don't disturb those around you.


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It's not even the loudness so much as the high-pitched whirrr-whirr servo sound signature that makes it impossible to stay incognito. Here's hoping it gets addressed as well.