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Expired Sony Nex-5

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Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
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you should be able to figure it out...
I have a silver Nex-5 with both the 18-55mm kit zoom lens and the 16mm f2.8 as well as the wide angle converter (bayonette mounts to front of 16mm to create 12mm FOV - 18mm equivalent). I have all the appropriate stuff - manual, cables, disk, flash, strap, charger, original battery, one extra Sony battery, one extra off-brand battery, etc. I'll also include a little LCD hood that snaps onto the LCD, pops open and closed, and shields the LCD from the sun (not really needed IMHO, but some people like them). No longer have box, but all contents. I've had it since January and used it a fair amount through March, but very little since.

New, the camera with the two lenses runs $799, the UWA lens runs about $115, and the extra batteries are another $60-70. I'll sell the whole package for $700, shipped in the CONUS. I'll ship beyond CONUS but buyer pays the difference.

I can provide photos on request, but there's nothing to see - zero nicks or scratches or blemishes. I usually include photos if there are flaws I feel the buyer should have a chance to examine before deciding, but there are none on this kit.

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