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As some of you are aware, I started a companion forum for Sony NEX users at a couple weeks back, and to help get things going we announced an NEX-C3 giveaway. Now that the NEX-5N has been announced and is beginning to ship, we've upgraded the giveaway prize to that camera (although the winner can still choose an NEX-C3 if he/she prefers).

The entry requirements for the giveaway have also been reduced/simplified. All the details are here: NEX-5N Giveaway at


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I'm confused. So all I need to do is register and start a thread, is that right?

I'm a sucker for these forums anyways, and it was only a matter of time. However, I didn't want to "pollute" that forum since I am a mFT user. I am very interested in the format, though. I think lots of folks are.


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Apparently, however, that thread must be a relevant sort of thread
Start at least one discussion thread. You can do this by choosing an appropriate forum from our Forum Index and clicking on the "Post New Thread" button. The post with which you start the thread must be relevant and contribute some value to the forum. Examples: Tell us what you hope to see from the NEX system, your impressions of a particular camera or lens, some of your thoughts on photography, or start an image thread with a particular theme and invite others to participate.
- so no "I walked into a bar..." jokes.:biggrin:


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Yep, register and start a thread, and you've entered the giveaway. The "fine print" says that the thread has to be relevant and contribute some value to the forum, so a new thread which says "This is a thread" isn't going to count. For some reason, people love doing that - so clever :rolleyes:. (Edit: BB beat me to it :biggrin: )

The new site is for anyone who uses or is interested in the NEX system :wink:.

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