Sony NEX-C3, NEX 30/3.5 Macro, and SLT-A35 to be Released Tomorrow?


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Jul 3, 2010
If ever there has been a camera deliberately leaked ahead of announcement, it has to be the Sony NEX-C3. Many review sites have published high quality images of the NEX-C3 as shown below:

The NEX mount 30mm f/3.5 macro has also been leaked, and based on available images appears to be similar in size to the 18-55mm kit zoom:

The Sony macro is on the slow side for a "normal" length macro, probably a concession to keep down the size and weight. This may impact its versatility as a "general use" lens compared to something like the Pentax 35mm f/2.8 macro, which is 2/3 of stop faster than the NEX lens and, in contrast to the Sony, stabilized on Pentax bodies.

Sony is also rumored to be introducing the SLR-A35 at the same time:

Source of the above images:

According to, which has a good track record, all of the above products will be announced tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, detailed specifications for both of the above heavily leaked cameras have been shared by Photo Rumors.


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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
30/3.5 macro? Urgh. If Sony releases a slow macro ahead of ANY fast lens ... AAARGHH. I hope we see the Zeiss 24/2 very very soon.


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Jul 3, 2010
There is a new 24mm f/2 for the Sony DSLRs, but the NEX lens is supposed to be 24mm f/1.7.


Jul 10, 2010
Canton Texas
The big one will be the A77 and A55 replacement IMHO. If they hold the 999 price for the A77 with a lens. Finally getting a firmware update for my A33 too.

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