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I've had an EP1 for about a year and a half. Picked up a NEX3 a month or so ago to play around. There are things I like on both cameras, but I have to say as a family camera, NEX is pretty fun. I was enjoying the 16mm lens, but now that I've added the fisheye (in stock at B&H a week ago), it's a hoot. Taking videos with the fisheye is a lot of fun, too.

Here's a video: [video=vimeo;18217376]

And some shots below. While the NEX won't replace my 5D, and hasn't booted out the EP1, it's probably my best "walk around with the family" camera.




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Thanks for the comments Herman.

I haven't run any rigorous tests (maybe I should!), but I don't think the IQ is equivalent to the 5D. The 5D's images always seem deeper and richer to me (I'm guessing because it's full frame) and the blacks on the 5D, even up to ISO800 and close to 1600, are very, very clean with no noise.

The NEX images also always seem a little over-saturated to me. I shoot RAW and process in Lightroom, so this seems a little surprising to me (given that I'm shooting RAW). I would think this would be down to Lightroom's default settings for NEX RAW images, so I keep meaning to set up a profile for import.

The distortion with NEX lenses is also a little strong (but when shooting with the fish-eye attachment, it's a non-issue!)

But for something that compacts down pretty solidly, and offers some other great "toys" (like sweep panorama, the fisheye lens and the tilt LCD), it's a lot of fun for a "kick-around" camera.


Yes thanks WT. Looks like fun with the fisheye. I just picked up a nex3 kit (couldnt resist the price) $649 from costco with both the 16mm and 18 -55 lens, 4 gig card and a useless camera bag. Will be taking it on a little hunting trip next week and post some shots. Feels light and cheapy (if I may say) but seems to be taking pretty good shots. I'll keep in touch.
Thanks again,


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Very nice, wt21 - love that "Dad did it" video! Such a classic line!:D I really need to remember to take some videos.

The NEX seems like a super camera...and now you've added to Kevin/summerki's "wish list".:tongue:

Pete - I'm expecting to see what you've got with this new camera, soon.