Sony Sony NEX - serious firmware improvement


Vancouver, Canada
For those interested, Sony just released firmware that significantly improved the control flexibility of the camera. So much so that dpreview has upgraded their review of the camera.

Basically, it allows for programmability of a few of the buttons. The customizability of the button with the scroll wheel around it is the best. You are able to assign 3 functions to that button (for example I have ISO, WB, and style setting). Once you hit the button, the first function comes up, if that's not the one you want then you click the left/right side of the scroll wheel and the next on the list pops up. Within those functions you turn the scroll wheel to select options. For me, I'm finding this much more useful than dedicated buttons.

Before the firmware update, I was just having fun with the Nex's versatility and I overlooked the annoyance of the control interface. With the update, I can now be serious :D

Now I just have to wait for some more e-mount lens selection.


Just installed the update to my Nex 5,turned a nice camera into a great one. I used the UK update link and it went smooth as silk,I'm using Win 7 64 bit. Whats up on the USA site,no download avaible ??


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I just download the new firmware, but I have a question. Before, I can use the background defocus function in intelligent auto mode for movie, after the upgrade, I lost that function. ie, the aperture will be stay as whatever I have before, even in intelligent auto mode. Did I miss something or this is it?