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Thanks, David. DCRP does a consistent, good job with technical reviews.

Most of the reviewers seem to be down on Sony's menu-driven interface, but I wonder if we and the reviewers are simply in an echo chamber while the huge market for these cameras will mostly leave the camera on "auto".

I haven't tried an NEX yet, but I look forward to putting one through the paces.
I'd like to try one too. I'm with you, my current opinion on the camera is forged largely on the basis of that review and the interface photos. I frankly don't find it ugly as others claim. But I do feel that this camera concept should have logically been geared toward enthusiasts rather than point-and-shooters. That's what baffles me about the design. The form factor, lens changeability and sensor goodness was clamored for by the former group not the latter.
I suspect Sony is being realistic here: there are an awful lot of people of want some DSLR quality. They have been buying low end DSLRs by the million. Yet, my experience is that they are then impacted by two things: they operate the cameras on Auto, and they leave them at home because they are bulky.

The NEX cameras are, in theory, nice for that audience. But - there is no excuse for the menu based system itself being awkward and unintuitive.

My GF1 is very, very effective on Intelligent Auto. I never use the setting because I am seeking a particular style, but it does work well. Shifting to a particular mode, plus changing other key settings can be done intuitively without removing the camera from my eye: I prefer buttons to menus for the speed and flexibility.

Others prefer, or may be more familiar with menus - but at least make them work well.

A friend who has tried the NEX cameras questions the responsiveness. In his view they are slower than some high end small sensor cameras.