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Completed Sony RX1 and Accessories | Location: USA | Ships: USA

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Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
Real Name
you should be able to figure it out...
Buy & Sell Listing - Want to Sell
Sony RX1 and Accessories

$1950 OBO


Ships to

Sony RX1 - a bit less than one year old. I'm the original owner. I can't find a shutter count. I've used the camera a fair amount, very heavily for a couple of months in the summer. I'll very liberally estimate I've taken maybe 5000 exposure on it. I doubt it's near that much, but I'd rather claim too many than too few. The camera comes with all original equipment that came with it in the original box, plus:

Sony EVF and case.
Sony rear LCD protector.
3rd party battery charger.
Four extra batteries, all third party.
JJC knock off of Sony lens hood.
Hoocap integrated lens hood and lens cap - great accessory.
Luigi leather half case with small integrated grip.
Fotodiox Pro grip

If it's not obvious, you can choose to use either the JJC lens hood or the Hoocap at any given time - you can't use both at once. Similarly you can use either the Luigi case or the Fotodiox grip - not both at once.

If this doesn't sell on the forums, I'll likely put it up on ebay over the weekend.
RX1 for sale-9.jpg
RX1 for sale-2.jpg
RX1 for sale-6.jpg
RX1 for sale-8.jpg

Payment accepted
  • Regular PayPal (fee included in price)
  • Personal/Gift PayPal (violates PayPal policy and no buyer protection)
Shipping method
UPS ground

Shipping charge
included for CONUS, buyer pays difference outside of CONUS

Handling time
1-2 days

Well known on all of Amin's sites.

Additional comments
  • Not open to trade offers
  • Open to reasonable offers below asking price
  • I have read and agree to the Buy and Sell rules.

- - - Updated - - -

Price reduced...
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