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Nov 22, 2013
Hello everyone. I am Russian, so I apologize for my English. :)

Is there are happy owners of RX100 m2? I want to buy this camera.

When you have chosen, considered the first version or not? And why you take a second?

And a question for the more advanced: in some forums I have seen complaints about the "softer " jpeg in the M2 version, compared with the M1. Opinions diverge. Some think that Sony just changed the compression algorithm, that reduced sharpness (and if on the M2 version set sharpness +2 or +3, it will give the same result as 0 on the sharpness of the first version). Others write that a new sensor itself began to give the worst result (with which I disagree, and it seems quite unlikely). At the same time there are people who have compared both cameras in raw and came to the conclusion that there is generally no difference, but it's kind of like there is sometimes happens in jpeg.

Who knows about this?


May 7, 2011
Welcome to SC. I have only RX100 as an early buyer of the camera nearly 1.5 years ago so I cannot answer M2 version questions but maybe RX100 m2 users can help you.


May 31, 2013
Jackson, WY
As an owner of the rx100 my suggestions are as follows. First off if jpeg sharpness is your only concern i would also look at the fuji xf1. Or xq1 is even better i guess. Fuji has better jpegs and my understanding is the lens might be better. The reason to buy the rx100 1 or 2 is a good not amazing lens, but really exceptional dynamic range in RAW(for the size of the sensor). The Mrk II is also slightly better in low light, I would put much stock in softer low ISO images, from what Ive seen it is not significant.
IF sharpness is your main concern and you don't need zoom or video get a Ricoh GR for basicallythe same as the Mk II. Its significantly sharper and has better dynamic range.


Jun 25, 2011
I've owned both the RX100 and the M2. I can tell you there is no difference in raw files, and IMHO jpg shooters should be prepared to tweak settings to get their desired output. I found the very slightly increased dimensions and weight of the M2 made no difference to shirt pocket carry. I use the tilt screen probably 2/3 of the time and think that upgrade alone was worth the price of trading and upgrading.

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